„The art is the most sublime mission of the human being since it is about the human thought seeking for understanding the world and makes it understandable”  

                                                                                                                         Auguste Rodin  



Jeanne Carré was born in Versailles, France in 1969 and has been living in Frankfurt, Germany for over 20 years. Her passion for various fields shows an extremely multifaceted personality.

At ease in the field of market ethnographic consulting, she is a great moderator for creative artistic workshops. Her deep empathic way always surprises and invites you to follow her into all of her works. You will enjoy it every time.

Jeanne created her own market consulting agency in her late 20s and in parallel constantly develops her painting skills.

With the help of talented artists such as Irene Kau  she learned about specific techniques and, over time as an autodidactic artist, she developed her own painting style.

Jeanne Carré's forms of expression are inspired by her trips in foreign countries. As a cultural anthropologist, she loves to travel, discovering and studying foreign cultures. Her paintings are strongly influenced by the impressions and memories she takes away from these voyages.

Her last painting project “impressions d’Afrique” reflects the deep emotions she felt when meeting African people and transports the observer into the intense colors and warmth of Africa.

Her paintings are seldomly spontaneous. On the contrary, they involve thinking, planning and meditative creativity spanning an intellectual and meditative discourse.  Inspired by anthropological and philosophical thinking, Jeanne succeeds meaningfully to represent concepts of spiritual power in her works and escapism into a sacralised reality.

Her paintings express a feeling of humility, exotism and escapism providing a passage to a free and individual interpretation and meaning as if she wanted to offer the observer a way to overcome and transcend the banality of life into a kind of sublimation and as a means to deliverance.